We started off at The Scoop on the South Bank in London, but after about 30 seconds we got moved on by security. Frustrating as it is a great space with interesting archtecture and we were being very discrete. As the great sell off of public land to private companies continues it becomes increasingly difficult to find locations where you won't be disturbed by security guards forfilling their employers wishes, preventing anyone with a half desent camera from taking pictures. I would understand if we had bundles of equipment and were getting in peoples way, or if it was a commerical job paying money, they would want licenses, safety measures etc. But for a test shoot with no commercial value and with no disturbance to others using the space it gets increasingly annoying.

Anyway, rant over, off we trotted further 30 minute's walk down the South Bank to an area I knew is fairly undisturbed, near the Millenium Bridge.